Schneider Electric Launches Square D® PowerLogic® EGX300 Integrated Gateway-Server
April 30, 2009

Global power and automation leader Schneider Electric today announced the launch of its PowerLogic® EGX300 integrated gateway-server. The PowerLogic EGX300 combines Ethernet gateway functionality with an embedded Web page creation function and extensive onboard memory. With the EGX300, users can view critical real-time electrical system data and historical use patterns through trend plots to help optimize energy usage and utilize existing electrical infrastructure. The PowerLogic EGX300, which requires only a Web browser and Ethernet network, logs and displays real-time data and trend plots from up to 64 PowerLogic system devices, including other gateway devices on the same network.

“The PowerLogic EGX300 provides the flexibility to meet a variety of system needs,” said Tuan Ta, Product Manager for Schneider Electric’s Power Monitoring and Control. “It provides a window into your whole electrical system, including meters, circuit breakers, protective relays, and motor controls, to help you optimize your energy usage and existing electrical infrastructure. As your power monitoring needs grow, the EGX300 fits seamlessly with PowerLogic power monitoring software for advanced system analysis.” 

Ideal for capturing critical basic energy consumption data, the integrated gateway-server’s embedded Web page function and 256 MB of onboard memory allow users to create HTML pages for viewing data from their electrical system and to store third-party Web pages and documents such as instruction bulletins or equipment and system diagrams. The PowerLogic EGX300 can be combined with existing spreadsheet software for simple energy use analysis and trend reports. It is also compatible with all PowerLogic power monitoring software for larger systems where comprehensive power monitoring is needed.

The PowerLogic EGX300 automatically detects networked devices for easy system setup and sends selected logged data to users’ PCs for additional analysis via email or FTP. It ensures data and system security through password protection and controlled network access to individual Web pages.

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