New Square D® PowerLogic® E4800 multi-circuit energy meter
May 28, 2009

Global power and automation leader Schneider Electric has announced the release of the Square D® PowerLogic® E4800 multi-circuit energy meter. The new product provides a cost-effective and highly flexible revenue-grade submetering platform for new or existing facilities.

Intended for use in condominiums, office towers and shopping centers, the compact, high-density design of the PowerLogic E4800 meter enables retrofit metering of up to 24 individual circuits as a stand-alone multi-point metering system wall-mounted next to an existing electrical distribution panelboard or as an integrated I-line® panelboard for new construction. Complying with ANSI and IEC accuracy standards, meters automatically push interval energy data over an existing Ethernet or phone network to PowerLogic Tenant Metering software for easy bill preparation and energy analysis.

“Property managers are looking for an accurate sub-billing solution that’s simple and cost-effective,” said Paul Golden, national business development manager for commercial properties, Schneider Electric. “The utility-grade PowerLogic E4800 meter offers a fast and affordable way to install large numbers of metering points. It connects easily to software, forming a highly scalable solution that not only meets tenants’ demands for accurate billing, but also can help tenants and landlords expose opportunities to cut costs, improve energy efficiency and establish a ‘green’ image through LEED building certifications and other efforts. When coupled with PowerLogic Tenant Metering Commercial Edition software, the multi-point metering system is unique in the industry and a great solution for property managers desiring to invoice their tenants for electricity, water or gas usage.”

As requirements increase to understand energy usage and apply strategies for energy savings, submetering systems have become critical to the operation of all types of buildings. The Square D PowerLogic E4800 multi-circuit energy meter is the perfect solution for a wide variety of submetering applications in new construction as well as retrofit of existing installations.