July 31, 2001

The new POWERLINKŪ G3 Lighting Control System from Square D helps reduce energy costs and conserve energy by automatically switching off lighting during periods of non-occupancy in an easy to install solution that is also cost-effective.

“The G3 system is unique in the market in that it doesn’t require additional equipment space and can easily be retrofitted or installed into existing panelboards,” said Scott Jordan, product manager at Square D. “We’ve also built in new Ethernet communications capabilities, which allow Web-based control and remote access to equipment information over existing building automation networks.”

POWERLINK G3 systems minimize upfront investment because they utilize individual branch circuit control. Each branch circuit is independently configurable to operate according to the needs of the area it controls. The panelboard enclosure minimizes upfront installation costs, since no additional branch circuit wiring, extra boxes or control systems need to be installed. The system can also meet most space requirements, needing only eight inches for the panel. Three different systems can be customized for specific applications in commercial, retail or manufacturing facilities.

For remote access and monitoring, Ethernet communication modules allow existing building automation networks to be utilized for Web-based control. All systems feature intuitive user interfaces for quick and easy setup.

The POWERLINK G3 lighting system complies with NEC110-10 requirements. The robust breakers used in the G3 lighting system are the only remotely operated circuit breaker to offer UL listed, SWD, HID and HACR ratings. These breakers also have the highest endurance ratings in the industry (200,000 operations). The POWERLINK G3 solutions are fully compatible with narrow column-width panelboards designed to meet industrial applications where floor space is limited.

The new system is the latest addition to the family of POWERLINK Lighting Control System products that provide a simple solution for controlling lighting and other electrical loads using a single, standard panelboard enclosure. This advanced system helps conserve energy, save money, and easily retrofits into existing facilities such as commercial buildings, sports complexes and factories.