Schneider Electric Launches Remote Energy Management (REM)
August 20, 2011

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, announced the release of its new hosted energy management service, Remote Energy Management (REM). Acting as an energy information portal for the building manager, energy manager or facility manager, REM easily integrates with a building’s existing or new energy meters, linking them through an internet gateway, to allow for 24-7 web access to a building’s energy usage statistics. Energy data files are automatically routed to secure servers where they can be viewed by the customer through a web browser, providing the information and figures needed to identify areas where corrective actions could be taken to more effectively manage energy and decrease costs.

The service is designed to help facility managers make informed decisions based on their actual energy usage to:

·        Report on cost savings opportunities

·        Estimate actual cost of energy usage and verify the accuracy of energy bill

·        Track and report on CO2 emissions and set emission targets

·        Create schedules for sending energy usage reports and updates via email

·        Set up alarm thresholds, and receive alarms via email or cell

·        Monitor the consumption of water, gas, electricity and steam


“Whether the facility is an office building, hospital, school, university, or factory, all building mangers are under increased pressure to keep ever-rising energy costs from dominating their budget,” said Paul Golden, National Business Development Manager, Energy Solutions Division of Schneider Electric. “Furthermore, we’re seeing the responsibilities of managing a building’s green or energy efficiency programs falling to the facility manager as well. We created REM to provide a user friendly service for building operators to reduce energy spending through improved energy awareness, usage, procurement and efficiency. You can’t control what you don’t measure. When a manager can check a building’s energy consumption, and given real insight into what they can do to tweak usage, energy consumption can be reduced by as much as 30 percent.”


Through extensive and reliable energy analytics and very experienced consultants to personally interpret the data, Remote Energy Management identifies opportunities for energy efficiency, sets a plan improvement and tracks the impact. The end result… you save money, adhere to government regulations and demonstrate your environmental commitment.