January 9, 2002

PLANT ENGINEERING magazine has announced that the POWERLOGIC Series 4000 Circuit Monitor with Transient Detection (CM4000T) has been selected for their Product Of The Year Award. The CM4000T was awarded the honor in the magazine's Electrical Power category.

“The CM4000T is the most advanced permanently mounted circuit monitor in the industry,” says Gregg Morasca, POWERLOGIC National Sales and Marketing Manager. “We’re very honored to have PLANT ENGINEERING select it for their Product Of The Year Award.”

The POWERLOGICŪ Series 4000 Circuit Monitor with Transient Detection (CM4000T) from Square D is the first, full-featured, permanently mounted circuit monitor that detects both oscillatory and impulsive transients, and automatically generates an alarm so that action may be taken to correct a problem before a facility shuts down.

For critical power and large energy users who cannot afford to be shut down, the CM4000T gives them the ability to monitor, troubleshoot and preempt power quality problems. Transients – disturbances lasting less than one cycle – are particularly difficult to detect due to their short duration. The CM4000T detects and captures oscillatory and impulsive transients (up to 10,000V peak, line-to-line) as short as one microsecond in duration.

The CM4000T automatically performs a high-speed transient waveform capture and a longer disturbance capture to show the conditions surrounding an event. The CM4000T maintains a complete historical record of the number of transients per phase, along with the magnitude, duration and time of occurrence of each. It also performs a stress calculation to determine the circuits that have received the greatest stress from over voltage.

The permanently installed unit minimizes repeated exposure to energized equipment, while allowing customers to accumulate a complete historical record of transient events at a lower cost than traditional portable power quality monitors.