New Electrical Equipment Wall For Power Management University
June 13, 2002

Square D / Schneider Electric has recently installed a completely operable, electrical equipment wall for Power Management University. The wall which includes a low voltage Motor Control Center, Metal Clad swtichgear and Power-Zone 4 allows students to experience POWERLOGIC and POWERLINK components in actual power distribution equipment just as they would at their own facility. 

"The new wall allows us to simulate real world conditions even better than we could before," says Chris Wozniak, Supervisor, Square D / Schneider Electric Power Management University. "This was an ambitious project, but one we but one we felt was necessary. No other company in the industry is in a position to bring together their own brand of Power Management products with their own power distribution equipment for a working demo. It's something students will benefit from for years to come."  

Power Management University is based in a hands-on learning center located in Lavergne, TN. There, a dedicated team of Square D instructors design courses around how to install, use, and maintain POWERLOGIC and POWERLINK systems, and how to get the maximum value from them. In addition to the factory learning center, Power Management University offers convenient regional classes where customers can choose from currently available courses, or customized classes designed to meet specific requirements.