Ethernet Gateway Products & Open Protocol Design Set Square D / Schneider Electric Apart
November 26, 2002

How can we offer our customers a web-enabled "window" into their power equipment? That was the question which led the Square D/Schneider Electric Power Management Operation to develop a complete family of POWERLOGIC Ethernet gateway products. This technology has proven so successful, that Square D is now marketing a complete line of Transparent Ready® power equipment, which features these POWERLOGIC Ethernet products as standard. 

"Schneider Electric made a commitment to utilize open protocols years ago with the development of Modbus for serial communications. The company continued that tradition with the implementation of Modbus over TCP/IP as the standard for Ethernet based systems," said Gregg Morasca, POWERLOGIC National Sales & Marketing Manager. 

Embracing both open protocols and internet based technology, the POWERLOGIC team designed a family of Ethernet gateway products that allows transparent access via Intranet/Internet for new or existing electrical equipment. 

POWERLOGIC web-enabled Ethernet gateways provide complete interoperability and interconnectivity across a common communications network. This not only provides for efficient operation and data sharing, but helps decrease installation costs by taking advantage of the existing Ethernet infrastructure and network support that is already in place within a facility. Expanding capabilities of the POWERLOGIC system to include additional monitoring devices and systems supplied by Square D or others, is easily accomplished and offers the flexibility to easily integrate facility-wide or enterprise wide systems. 

The POWERLOGIC Ethernet gateways come in three configurations:

  • An embedded Ethernet communication card (ECC)

  • Standalone Ethernet gateways (EGX200 and EGX 400)

  • An industrial rated Power Server (PWRSRV710 and PWRSRV750) 

    Each configuration can be expanded with devices that can be added "on-the-fly" and which can be integrated into existing Ethernet infrastructures. 

    The main functions of the POWERLOGIC Ethernet gateway is to provide monitoring device connectivity and capacity to share power information across a network. This information is available from anywhere within a facility where a networked computer resides and is accessible through a standard web browser without the need for special software. 

    Each configuration provides these capabilities; and are differentiated by the number of connected devices they can support and the number of HTML web pages they can contain.

  • The embedded ECC solution is an option for the POWERLOGIC Series 3000 and 4000 Circuit Monitors. This unit can support up to 32 devices and up to 6 HTML pages containing information for all downstream devices.

  • POWERLOGIC EGX200 Ethernet gateways connect up to 64 devices with web based utilities for gateway configuration. The EGX400 can also connect up to 64 devices; however, it can serve real-time data across a LAN utilizing HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). This web-enabled support capability provides access up to 16 MB of standard or fully customizable real-time HTML pages, and PDF's of instruction manuals.

  • The POWERLOGIC Power Server 710 and 750 each support up to 64 devices and comes pre-loaded with web-enabled power management software for real time web browsing. Each has a unique data publishing capability to push logged data, waveforms and alarms to a central monitoring site. The Power Server 750 also has extended capabilities to display historical reports, interactive graphics, waveforms and alarm history.

    "Because of Square D / Schneider Electric's commitment to open protocol designs and Internet based technology, customers can be assured that investments in a network infrastructure are secure and will be utilized well into the future. Today's economic environment forces us to not only evaluate the 'best solution' based on today's investment, but forces us to look at the return of that investment well into the future. Square D / Schneider Electric's commitment and track record for ensuring compatibility of new and legacy devices is a firm foundation on which facility managers can establish their monitoring systems with confidence," Morasca added.