Utility Cost Reduction Solutions
March 21, 2003

Square D / Schneider Electric has announced the implementation of the POWERLOGIC system used to monitor WAGES (water, air, gas, electric, and steam). The system helps reduce costs and increase productivity by making electrical and piped utility information accessible in real time through a single system. 

The POWERLOGIC system improves data integrity by storing the data in non-volatile onboard logs within circuit monitors and WAGES meter blocks. It makes historical information available in standard report format so it can be saved and viewed on the Web. The POWERLOGIC system can also accept inputs from other meters and then collects, converts, and communicates these inputs via Ethernet, radio and telephone modems. 

"By making utility usage data available and easy to obtain, the system helps facility managers make important cost-saving decisions," said Gregg Morasca, director, POWERLOGIC national sales and marketing. 

The first step in reducing the cost of WAGES is to install a dependable POWERLOGIC WAGES System. Then, users should allow power quality and energy consultants to analyze usage patterns generated by the system and make recommendations. Once users understand usage patterns, they can make informed decisions about how to reduce energy costs. Finally, users will be able to be proactive in reducing utility costs. 

The POWERLOGIC Utility Cost Reduction brochure is available for download on