POWERLOGIC Power Meter 800
March 28, 2003

Square D / Schneider Electric, the leading supplier of power monitoring and control equipment, today announced the release of POWERLOGIC Power Meter 800 (PM800). With its large characters, Power Meter 800's unique display is easy to read and allows users to view all three phases, plus neutral for current or voltage at one time. 

"This meter features a lot of power in a small, relatively inexpensive package," said Gregg Morasca, POWERLOGIC National Sales and Marketing Manager. "Customers who tested the meter during development were extremely impressed by how easy it is to use and by its overall capabilities. 

The Power Meter 800 offers customers exactly they've been asking for in this type of meter; a 96x96mm meter that has enough power for advanced functionality, with an easy to use display that can be read in extreme lighting conditions or viewing angles." 

The Power Meter 800's custom logging capabilities usually are found only in higher priced meters. Those logging functions allow customers to capture extensive power equipment data due to an expansive amount of memory, ranging from 80k to 800k. 

Combining data collection capabilities with its unique firmware, Power Meter 800 can automatically forecast power usage, giving customers greater control over their power management efforts. Users can access information such as real time trend plots, averages and demand metering; instead of just raw data; so power control, load curtailments and load preservation programs can be developed to drive down energy costs.

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