New POWERLOGIC Enclosures
June 5, 2003

Getting products to customers quickly has always been an important focus at Square D. With their new line of standardized POWERLOGIC enclosures, shipping enclosed power monitoring products to customers is now even faster.

"The effort to standardize enclosures started over a year and a half ago," explains Nikki McCall, POWERLOGIC Marketing Coordinator. "Before building them as a standardized product, each enclosure had to be custom designed and that took time. By standardizing we've been able to reduce ship times by as much as 50%," McCall said.

Square D offers a complete line of standardized enclosures for the following POWERLOGIC products:

  • Circuit Monitor Series 4000 & 4000T
  • Circuit Monitor Series 3000
  • Power Meter
  • Multi Circuit Monitor (MCM)
  • Web Enabled Ethernet Gateway (EGX)
  • Communications Enclosures include:
    - SPE4 (port expander)
    - EPE5 (port expander)
    - QUCM (programmable comms module with switchable ports)

    All standardized enclosures are available in NEMA Type 12, 3R and 4 for outdoor and indoor use. Stainless steel is also available for high corrosive environments. Custom enclosures can be designed for multiple units or a mix of different device types. The standard Circuit Monitor and Power Meter enclosures are designed for easy upgrade in the field with well marked terminal blocks already installed for future I/O expansion.

    "Meeting customer needs is a priority so we'll be adding to the line as often as necessary," said McCall.