Allocating Costs is Efficient, Too!
August 7, 2003

The July 2003 issue of Buildings magazine features a rather interesting article about how to maximize building performance through environmental strategies.

Buildings contacted Square D / Schneider Electric Senior Product Specialist, Karl Kersey, for information and to assure technical accuracy. "Buildings wanted to tell their readers about new and unique ways to manage energy bills and keep potential costs down" Kersey said. "Once you've taken steps to reduce your energy expenditures, you really need to understand which strategies actually made a difference. The POWERLOGIC Billing Module can do that."

The Billing Module from Square D, is an extension of the popular POWERLOGIC System Manager Software (SMS). The Billing Module uses measured data collected from SMS to calculate a facility's total utility costs. Analyzing data from POWERLOGIC Circuit Monitors, Power Meters, other manufacturers' meters, or non-electrical metered data, enables the Billing Module to accurately allocate a company's electric, gas or water bill.

For more information on the POWERLOGIC Billing Module click here.