POWERLOGIC Power Server Unaffected by "MS Blaster"
August 25, 2003

Square D / Schneider Electric announced today that the POWERLOGIC Power Server V3.0 is not impacted by the latest wide spread computer virus known as "MS Blaster". This virus-like infection serves to exploit a flaw in most current versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system for personal computers, laptops and server computers. The virus is the second wide spread computer virus in the past year that the Power Server has been immune to. The first, "Slammer", attacked MS SQL Server applications in October, 2002.

"The Power Server is a self managed web server," said Phil Rector, Product Manager for Square D / Schneider Electric's Power Management Operations. "During the product design process we knew vulnerability and security to outside influences was a major concern for many customers. As a result our engineers took extra, painstaking measures to create a self contained system that would mitigate those worries as much as possible."

Although the Power Server operates in a locked down environment and has never been affected by these type of viruses, Square D / Schneider Electric has posted the Microsoft patch on its Power Management website, "Even though Power Server has been immune to these wide spread viruses, we understand that a Web Server can not be completely immune to any and all viruses in the future, therefore we recommend that companies install patches and anti virus software as a matter of corporate policy. We post these kind of patches in our downloads area so customers can get it if they need it. While they're there, they can also download the latest updates of POWERLOGIC software for free," Rector says.

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