Powerlogic WebSuiteTM
June 7, 2003

Square D now offers two powerful web-enabled components for use with POWERLOGIC System Manager (SMS). This bundled package, the POWERLOGIC WebSuite, includes Web3000 and GFXWeb, offering customers browser-based access to system wide POWERLOGIC information. This seamless web-interface is an exclusive feature, unmatched in the power management industry. 

Gregg Morasca, POWERLOGIC Director of Sales & Marketing, states, "Using POWERLOGIC WebSuite, customers can now access their central SMS 3000 through an intuitive browser-based interface from any computer within their facility." 

The Web3000 integrates users' links to important data such as information manager reports, facility power equipment graphics and web-enabled power equipment. Web3000 also webifies full SMS client capabilities allowing setup, control, diagnostics and more to be performed via a standard web-browser. 

The GFXWeb portion of the package allows users to view real-time data from their POWERLOGIC system through graphical web-pages that can be designed to look exactly like their facility layout. This customizable, "real world view" of a facility, makes the POWERLOGIC WebSuite even more intuitive for a customer to use. The POWERLOGIC WebSuite takes advantage of all Square D web-enabled power management products: Ethernet Gateway EGX, Power Server, Ethernet Communication Card (ECC), and SMS 3000. 

WebSuite turns energy and power quality information, into easy-to-understand, easy-to navigate, browser-based reports that customers can use to make strategic business decisions. 

"The POWERLOGIC WebSuite streamlines and simplifies getting information customers need to manage their power system and reduce costs", says Morasca. "With the POWERLOGIC WebSuite, we've made monitoring your power system as easy as browsing the web."