PowerLogic System Wins Gold Medal
October 22, 2003

Schneider Electric has won the Gold Medal for Innovation at the International Technical Fair held earlier this year in Sofia, Bulgaria. Mr. Solomon Passi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, presented the award to Schneider Electric's which was for the first PowerLogic power management system installed in Bulgaria. The project included:

  • System Manager Software (SMS3000)
  • Ethernet Gateways
  • CM4000s
  • Sepam 1000s
  • PM500s
  • PM800s

    Rob Smits, International Product Line Manager for Schneider Electric's PowerLogic system says that collaborating with and supporting the Schneider team members in the countries are key to such success. "By really sharing the benefits of a PowerLogic system with the PowerLogic team members around the globe, Schneider has seen increased international business over the past few years. To see success emerging in countries like Bulgaria, and for them to receive an award of this magnitude truly makes our international efforts gratifying."