Input/Output Module Power Meter 800
December 1, 2003

Looking for a way to extend the functionality of the PowerLogic Power Meter 800 (PM800)? The new PM800 Input / Output (I/O) Modules allow you to extend the number of parameters available to monitor. Oversee transformer temperatures, generator fuel levels, equipment status, or other utilities like water and steam, by simply linking several analog and digital I/O inputs to a single PM800. Installation is also quick and easy, thanks to a unique "plug-and-play" design. 

Gregg Morasca, Director of Sales and Marketing for Square D / Schneider Electric's Power Management Operations, says the device will offer customers capabilities usually found only in more advanced monitoring equipment. "Our engineers have really extended the capabilities of the PM800 by giving it the ability to monitor so many conditions," said Morasca. "I/O modules have generally been reserved for more advanced meters like the PowerLogic CM4000." 

The new PM800 I/O Modules are available in two models; PM8M2222 and PM8M26. The PM8M2222 provides two digital outputs, two digital inputs, two analog outputs, and two analog inputs, while the PM8M26 provides two digital outputs and six digital inputs. 

PM800 I/O Modules have a variety of uses. Digital outputs may be used to open and close breakers, start or stop motors, or operate other devices and equipment that can interface directly with digital signals. Digital inputs can be used to determine the status of a breaker or read an input synchronous signal from a utility pulsed output. Analog outputs can be used to control valves, motors, and heaters in energy management systems. And, analog inputs may be used to gather operational data or in proportional control schemes.