New Patent-Pending Meters Lead Industry
December 3, 2003

Newly reengineered PowerLogic® Series 3000 and Series 4000 Circuit Monitors from Schneider Electric provide historical analysis trends and summaries, and energy, power quality and alarm summaries; capabilities unmatched in the industry. 

"This tool has been submitted for a patent for the unique manner in which it uses comprehensive algorithms to analyze wave-shape and disturbance alarm data, telling the user whether the disturbance occurred upstream or downstream from the meter," said Gregg Morasca, director of sales and marketing for Schneider Electric's Power Management Operations. 

Disturbance direction detection adds immediate troubleshooting capability to the CM3350/4000 meters by characterizing a disturbance as upstream or downstream with a confidence indication that can be shown in an active alarm window, on-board event log, e-mail or error-checking/correction html page. PowerLogic systems also make extensive energy and power quality measurements easier to use by condensing historical trends into summarized information. 

Drawing on the IEEE 1159 and EN50160 standards of electromagnetic phenomena, simplified reporting is available directly from Ethernet Communications Card meter HTML pages in four support levels, with a fifth level available to PowerLogic System Manager Software (SMS) users. 

The power quality summary evaluates over voltage, voltage sags, under voltage, voltage swells, voltage imbalance, interruptions, waveform distortion, flicker, frequency variations and transient over-voltages, producing an index for each category. 

The alarm summary keeps track of the number of occurrences, average magnitude and average duration for 15 categories. In addition to the 10 power quality categories, it includes the following categories: over- current, over voltage THD, under power factor, over KVA demand and over KW demand. The energy summary provides summaries and trends for real and apparent energy, and four input metering channels on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly time scales. 

These new technologies can be downloaded to installed CM3000 and CM4000 PowerLogic meters from