New EGX 400
March 17, 2004

Direct access to power equipment information using a web browser; 38 days of 15 minute interval historical data logging; faster system response; increased data transfer rates. Just a few reasons the PowerLogic® Ethernet Gateway (EGX) is the solution of choice for high-speed communications in industrial and commercial environments. 

Introduced late last year, the EGX 400 has proven to be remarkable popular among PowerLogic users. "Customer inquiries have really been astounding, but then again there isn't anything like it on the market today," said James Clark, Staff Product Specialist. "People are particularly drawn to the fact that we're able to collect historical interval by-interval data with trend / zoom capabilities." 

The PowerLogic EGX 400 can access usage consumption from piped utilities, and power equipment data from circuit monitors, circuit breaker trip units, programmable controllers, drives and protective relays. It is also one of the most popular components used to make Square D power equipment, Transparent Ready.