PowerLogic Standard Technical Support Changes
July 20, 2004

Square D / Schneider Electric's Power Management Technical Support Staff are among the best in the business. As a result they are constantly looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction levels to insure PowerLogic systems worldwide are running at optimal levels. 

As operating systems and Microsoft's support policy change, PowerLogic software and technical support work hard to keep pace. Generally modifications to aging software diminishes as the development focus shifts to the most up-to-date operating system. PowerLogic systems are no exception. This being the case, our technical support often must recommend the best recourse to solve a system issue is to upgrade. Although sometimes challenging, there are benefits to using the current version of software. It allows you to take advantage of the updated features for all the latest PowerLogic devices and system capabilities. 

The best and most cost effective way to get system upgrades is to enter into an annual Priority Support Service Agreement. With this agreement, we will keep your system up to date with free software upgrades. However, if you prefer to stick with an older version of software, for Priority Support customers, we'll fully support any version of software and all hardware monitoring devices associated with that version. 

Effective August 1, 2004
PMO Technical Support will be making the following changes designed to maximize our general support assistance: 

Standard Technical Support (free of charge):

  • Will provide procedural and extensive system troubleshooting for SMS 3.3 and above.

  • Questions will be answered on older SMS versions as long as they are procedural or require limited system troubleshooting.

  • Customers desiring extensive troubleshooting support on SMS versions prior to version 3.3 have the option to either: 
    1. Purchase a priority support service agreement (includes free upgrade) 
    2. Receive an e-service quotation

  • PowerLogic Hardware/Communication devices are supported. (System support limited to SMS V.3.3 and above)

  • All POWERLINK versions are supported.