PowerLogicŪ software leverages OPC data access technology
January 10, 2005

Square D / Schneider Electric, a world leader in power management technology has announced that its PowerLogic System Manager Software (SMS) supports OPC Data Access. Victor Brown, Product Specialist, says this new development offers customers flexibility for their PowerLogic systems to interact with other applications. "Sharing data between multiple vendor systems usually requires a myriad of hardware, software drivers, and configuration tools from each vendor. OPC is an industry-wide standard that breaks this proprietary lock by offering open connectivity based on principles adapted from MS Windows integration standards. As a result, customers can toggle between real-time PowerLogic SMS information, their building automation system or another program as needed." 

Originally developed for the process control industry, OPC is a mature technology that has been in existence for over ten years and continues to gain popularity in a wide variety of industries connecting disparate systems together. "OPC gives our customers the ability to integrate PowerLogic devices and applications into almost any existing infrastructure," says Brown. "And Matrikon's OPC plug & play functionality drastically reduces the time and resources users need to integrate power monitoring solutions." 

The reason Schneider Electric chose Matrikon for the development of the SMS OPC Data Access (DA) Server Brown explains, "Being a charter member of the OPC Foundation and the world's leading developer of OPC products, we believe that Matrikon is the best choice for us to continue to provide the best quality products to our customers. We're power monitoring experts. Matrikon is an OPC expert. We decided to keep it that way and have a "best in class offering." 

The MatrikonOPC Server for PowerLogic System Manager Software provides access to any Schneider Electric (Square D, Merlin Gerin brands) and PowerLogic compatible devices, using the SMS 4.0 3rd Party Data Access API. The MatrikonOPC server is installed on a Windows PC and uses Ethernet to connect to the circuit monitors, power meters, protective relays and other monitoring devices in the PowerLogic system. PowerLogic circuit monitors and power meters are designed for critical power users and large energy consumers to provide accurate electrical measurements, as well as detect power anomalies. Although primarily used for electrical utilities, PowerLogic devices are capable of monitoring piped utilities such as water, air, gas, and steam. These values can be scaled and displayed in any unit and accessible via the PowerLogic OPC DA Server. 

Features of the PowerLogic OPC Server for (data source/device) include:

  • Fully compliant with all OPC DA (Data Access) specifications

  • Permits read access to available data points

  • Automatic configuration of PowerLogic tags and data source

  • Supports simultaneous tag browsing for multiple devices

  • Runs as a Windows Service

  • Support for DDE

  • Aliases for tag names

  • Calculation engine