New PowerLogic Sepam Series 80 Relay for Critical Sources and Loads
May 13, 2005

Schneider Electric, a world leader in digital protection units, announces the PowerLogic Sepam Series 80 digital relay. The Sepam relay family is backed by more than 15 years of worldwide history. The Series 80 relay represents the new high-end of the Sepam range. 

For critical power applications, such as standby generators for hospitals, waste-water treatment plants, data centers, and telecommunication facilities, reliability is not optional. The Series 80 relay was designed with one goal in mind; to meet or exceed the reliability and protection requirements of difficult applications in demanding environments. "We've made sure our units have exceptional withstand to environmental electromagnetic disturbances, vibration, power system transients, and even salt spray" said Hardy King, Medium Voltage Relay Specialist. 

Other features include: 

  • Standardized footprint for all Series 80 relay types allows uniform integration into electrical equipment protecting motors; generators; feeders, mains, ties; transformers, buses, and capacitor banks

  • There user interface choices: none, backlit LCD, or oversized mimic/phasor diagram LCD display

  • Expanded logic equation capabilities for increased customization of control and protection

  • Percentage-restraint current differential protection for two-winding transformers and machines; uses neural network technology

  • Battery backup retains historical and fault data on power-loss

  • Self-testing feature that monitors internal health

  • Easy-to-learn software with graphical aids for configuration of hardware, sensors, and protective schemes

  • Two options for custom programming: boolean equations and ladder logic

  • Phase-shift diagnostic data display and analysis for verification of CT and VT connections and performance 

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