New Square D PowerLogic Power Meter PM870 with Disturbance Detection & Waveform
June 12, 2006

Schneider Electric's North American Operating Division introduced today a new addition to the Series 800 PowerLogic Power Meter family: the PowerLogic PM870 Power Meter. Designed for electrical installations with power-sensitive processes, the PM870 combines accurate energy and power measurement with power quality capabilities not typically found in a compact power meter. 

The PM870 meter provides disturbance detection and configurable waveform capture, used to detect, capture, and troubleshoot current and voltage sags and swells that can disrupt sensitive processes. With zero blind-time metering, the PM870 simultaneously monitors all three phases of voltage and current with extreme accuracy even for fast varying loads such as welders. Additional power quality features including harmonic magnitudes and angles to the 63rd harmonic, custom alarming on THD, power factor, and more; and EN50160 power quality evaluations provide the information needed to improve power system reliability and minimize downtime. 

Accurate demand and energy measurements in the PM870 (meeting both IEC 62053-22 and ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5S standards) help facility managers track costs, allocate energy expenses, and sub-bill by department, area or individual process. The meter's on-board logging memory prevents gaps in data due to network outages or computer server downtime; information critical for billing and troubleshooting; min/max readings, alarm data, energy data and more is stored in non-volatile memory. 

The PM870 meter's compact size (96 x 96 mm) and mounting depth of 70 mm make it suitable for installation in low voltage switchboards (even in shallow cable compartments), standalone machines, and a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The PM870 meter mounts with only two clips; no tools are required. Plus the PM870 meter does not require potential transformers (PTs) in systems up to 600 volts line-to-line. Optionally, field-installable input/output modules can be added at any time to evolve as the user's needs require thus allowing monitoring of status points, energy monitoring of water, air, gas, electric, or steam pulses (WAGES) or other new functions. 

The large, easy-to read, backlit display shows multiple metered values at a glance. The display is also available with flexible remote mounting capabilities that give the ability of RS232 communication and for the meter base unit to be installed inside with the display mounted on the low voltage cabinet ideal for installations when local regulations not permit over 120V on panel doors. Standard RS485 Modbus® communications, allow the PM870 meter to be used as part of a PowerLogic power and energy management system in which captured waveforms, alarms, billing data, and more can be uploaded to software for viewing and analysis. 

In commercial buildings and industrial facilities, the PM870 power meter can help facility managers with LEEDs certification; measurement, verification and reduction of energy consumption; evaluation of equipment usage patterns to better extend equipment life; plus improving system reliability by minimizing downtime through accurate detection and diagnosis of power quality disturbances. 

The compact PowerLogic PM870 power meter with accurate energy and power quality capabilities is available now from Schneider Electric. 

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