August 30, 2007

Schneider Electric today introduced Square D® PowerLogic® PowerView power monitoring software, a cost effective software product for small system applications. The PowerView product comes equipped with numerous features for out-of-the-box usability, including preconfigured screens and reports, and pre-configured real-time and historical data displays for power consumption monitoring. The new software supports up to 32 devices, including PowerLogic PM700 and PM800 power meters, ION® 6200 power meters, High Density Metering and many other PowerLogic devices available on a project basis. 

"With features like power consumption monitoring, cost allocation and sub-billing, and equipment monitoring capabilities, PowerLogic PowerView software is the ideal entry-level solution for companies moving towards comprehensive energy intelligence and efficiency strategies," said Bob Kennedy, Power Management Director of Marketing. "In addition, the software is designed to be easy to configure and use with automatic device detection and pre-configured real-time and historical data displays. Within one hour, you can install it and begin monitoring." 

PowerView power management software allows users to track real-time power conditions and perform remote monitoring of electrical equipment or installations at key distribution points across a network, as well as monitor for pending problems or scheduled maintenance. The real-time data displays enable viewing of demand, energy, load, power and I/O status summaries, and users are able to leverage Microsoft® Excel® for all reports to display graphs and for additional report manipulation and calculations. 

For strategic planning purposes and help avoiding interruptions, the PowerView software logged values include: current, voltage, power factor, energy, demand power and demand current. These logged values can reveal energy waste, unused capacity and historical trends, as well as be used for strategic planning purposes and to help avoid interruptions. The values can also be used to verify utility bills and tariffs. The software tracks power-related costs for a building, process or tool, and creates multi-year time-of-use activity profiles. Its Report Builder function includes time-of-use configurations, allowing users to create reports with energy and demand values for time periods with specific billing requirements. 

For simplified system and device configuration, PowerView software polls your network for compatible PowerLogic devices. The software allows for finding, adding, renaming and removing devices, configuring logging intervals, even setting database backup or restoring parameters. Connection and data logging begins automatically at factory preset intervals, and the settings are easily changed by the user. For devices with onboard logging, PowerView software includes PC-based logging plus auto upload. 

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