April 18, 2008

Global power and automation leader Schneider Electric today announced the incorporation of PrimeRead software into its product lineup. Designed by Primestone Corporation, a long established developer of automated meter reading technologies, PrimeRead software aids utilities in the automated collection and management of metering data. The multi-vendor, multi-network software supports a full complement of current communication network technologies and meter types, enabling the use of new technologies as they emerge. 

PrimeRead software has a unique, open architecture design that fosters superior flexibility and simplifies data exchange with corporate information technology systems for billing, operations and customer information. PrimeRead software, along with the application's modern relational database, eliminates the need to maintain an obscure, obsolete database structure or proprietary file formats. 

"Utilities are demanding improved communication systems and adherence to open standards so they can move toward a smart grid system where devices communicate and make the network more reliable," said Michael Burns, national sales manager of utilities for Schneider Electric's Power Management Operations. "PrimeRead software easily manages the large amounts of data inherent in utility monitoring and control systems and turns them into actionable information by reporting, analysis and sharing with other applications. The software gives utilities the power to take advantage of ever-changing developments in communication standards and technologies." 

The software's reporting capabilities set it apart from the competition. Utilities can create and schedule unlimited reports using standard reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, access more than 100 standard provided report templates, and easily email or post reports to FTP sites. With its decision cube, advanced filtering, spreadsheets and graphics, PrimeRead software doubles as a powerful yet inexpensive data mining tool. Further defining PrimeRead software as today's best-of-breed application are its auto-correction capability for daylight savings time and unlimited, customizable calendars through which utilities may perform data analysis and apply time-of-use structures. 

"PrimeRead software supports online and interactive data validation. VEE routines are configurable to customers' needs, based on their market operator or regulatory requirements. It enables meter data management for AMI and takes advantage of all Windows operational and connectivity options, thus minimizing the learning curve and optimizing workflow," Burns said. "PrimeRead software also complements other Schneider Electric energy and operations management solutions including PowerLogic® metering systems."

Click here for PrimeRead automated meter data management software product page.