March 8, 2000

The most powerful circuit monitors on the market, the new POWERLOGIC® Series 4000 Circuit Monitors from Square D help transform data into knowledge customers can use to operate their electrical systems more efficiently. Combined with the new System Manager Software 3.1, the CM4000 Circuit Monitor provides extensive power quality and disturbance monitoring capability, highly accurate energy consumption data, and multiple utilities monitoring. The Series 4000 Circuit Monitors also are the first to offer an optional high-speed voltage transient detection in a field-installed, interchangeable module. 

"As the leader in power management technology, Square D is committed to helping customers get maximum efficiency and energy savings out of their electrical systems," said Gary Jones, Director of Power Management. "We have continually refined and improved our products, technology and engineering services to deliver results. The Series 4000 Circuit Monitors are just the latest example." 

Using the latest high-performance technology, the Series 4000 Circuit Monitors: 

* Are extremely accurate and meet revenue metering standards. They measure and record power and energy consumption with an accuracy exceeding 0.04 percent of reading. 

* Are programmable for Time of Use and Real Time Pricing, positioning you to negotiate rates and cut costs in the deregulated utility environment. 

* Offer expanded on-board memory options for more detail about transients, harmonics and other power quality problems that can disrupt plant operations, enabling you to reduce down time. 

* Are designed to be easier to install, set up and operate. Automatically diagnose installation wiring errors, has out-of-the-box alarms, history logs and disturbance monitoring. 

* Monitor, log and alarm on other utilities' water, air, gas, steam; bringing additional opportunities for cost savings. 

The Series 4000 Circuit Monitors offer an optional plug-in Ethernet communications card, using Modbus TCP, and provides standard and configurable HTML pages, which can be viewed with any browser.