September 18, 2008

Global power and automation leader Schneider Electric today announced that it has expanded its portfolio of advanced metering products with the launch of the Square D® PowerLogic® Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM). With its ability to monitor power and energy usage for each main and branch circuit in power distribution units (PDUs) and remote power panels (RPPs), the PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter greatly assists data center managers, engineers and operators in delivering reliable power to critical applications. 

Unlike other products that only fit a specific hardware vendor’s platform, the PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter is designed to fit any power distribution unit or remote power panel design,” said Lee Featherstone, National Sales Manager, Critical Power for Schneider Electric’s Power Management business. “The BCPM offers the best accuracy in its class across the entire current monitoring range. We also made it flexible enough for new or retrofit installations and compatible with PowerLogic power monitoring software so customers can easily turn the large amount of data collected by the devices into useful decision-making information.”  

The PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter monitors up to 84 branch circuits as well as the main incoming feeds in a power panel or PDU, extending affordable, accurate power monitoring down to the branch circuit level. It easily integrates into a PowerLogic system or other existing networks using Modbus® communications and helps lower total installation costs, including the cost-per-meter-point. Customers can use the meter data to identify areas that are over-utilized or under-utilized and increase infrastructure efficiency.

With the widest dynamic monitoring range available, the PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter accurately monitors loads from one-quarter amp to 100 Amps and reports power, energy and demand for each branch circuit. The enhanced alarming features differentiate between low load levels and zero current flow, indicating a tripped circuit breaker. To provide advance warning of abnormal conditions, four configurable alarm points are available, helping increase power system reliability.

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