September 17, 2008

Global power and control specialist Schneider Electric announced today added device support to the Square D® Powerlogic® ION Enterprise™ power management software package. This increases the software’s compatibility with Square D electrical distribution equipment and PowerLogic metering devices. 

PowerLogic ION Enterprise v5.6 Service Pack 2 provides added support for the Circuit Monitor 3000 and 4000 Series. The onboard alarm log and disturbance, adaptive and transient waveform captures are now accessible from the meter with this update. There is also enhanced real-time monitoring and graphics for these devices. 

This release of PowerLogic ION Enterprise also incorporates support for the new PowerLogic branch circuit power meter (BCPM). This specialized product monitors current, power and energy usage for each branch circuit as well as the mains in power distribution units (PDU) and remote power panels (RPP).This product is fully supported in SP2. 

In addition, optional device types not installed with SP2 are available for free download on this website. These device types include SepamTM protective relays (Series 20, 40, and 80), Circuit Monitor 2000 Series, Power Meter 600 Series, Branch Circuit Meter (BCM42), Enercept Meter, Energy Meter, Multi-circuit Meter (MCM), and the Model 98 Temperature Controller. Support for these devices is real time metering data displays, software-based data logging, and reporting.

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For existing subscribers, link to ION Enterprise SP2 download and optional device types.