Downloads - V15.020 Firmware

  PowerLogic CM4000 V15.020 Firmware  

The history pdf file (CM4 Firmware Revision History 15.020.pdf) shows a summary of changes incorporated in each production firmware release for the Series 4000 Circuit Monitor.

This is the latest revision of the firmware for the Circuit Monitor Series 4000. For full compatibility with all available hardware options, the DL, OS and the LL portions of the firmware need to be updated.


Note:  If the DL version is up to date, it is only necessary to update the OS firmware.

  1. Using DLF 3000, download DL 12.300 to the device
  2. Download OS 15.020
  3. Download Language Library (LL) 14.170 if necessary
  4. After the download is completed, you will see the meter resetting.
  5. You can verify the new firmware version selecting Diagnostics -> Meter Information from the main menu of the display.