Downloads - ION E 6.0 SP1

  Release Notes  

ION Enterprise 6.0 Service Pack 1 is a service pack release focused on five distinct areas.
1.       Improvement of product quality by addressing known defects, both those postponed during the course of the 6.0 development cycle and those discovered after the 6.0 release. Priority was given to localization and Web Reporter defects
2.       Log Inserter behavior change - Resolution of long-standing technical debt issues in regards to how the Log Inserter interprets historical data – the ‘downstream device problem’
3.       New Device Types were added to ION Enterprise to support a few new entry-level meters – EM5600, DM6200 and PM1200
4.       Enhanced device drivers for PM800/CM3000/CM4000 device types to support a new Healthcare specific ION Enterprise offer called the Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) solution.
5.       Enhancements to Web Reporter to allow custom report packs that use Report Data Extensions to be installed and made available for use in Web Reporter.