Downloads - Optional Device Drivers (ION E v5.6 SP2, 6.0)

  Supported Features  

The optional device drivers listed below will only install on ION Enterprise 5.6 SP2 and 6.0. Earlier versions of ION Enterprise are not supported.
The optional device drivers available for installation into ION Enterprise 5.6 SP2 and 6.0 are as follows:


Driver Revision

Altistart 48 V1.1.3
Branch Circuit Monitor (BCM42) V1.1.3
Branch Circuit Monitor (BCM42_100A) 100 Ampere Version V1.1.3
Circuit Monitor Series 100/200 LE V1.1.3
Circuit Monitor Series 2000 LE V1.0.2
Circuit Monitor Series 2000 SE V6.0.1.223
EM4800-08 LE V1.2.0
EM4800-12 LE V1.2.0
EM4800-24 LE V1.2.0
Enercept Meter V1.1.1
Energy Meter V1.1.1
Multi-circuit Meter (MCM) V1.1.1
Power Meter 9C V1.1.1
Power Meter 500 V1.1.1
Power Meter 600 Series LE V1.0.2
Sepam Series 20 LE V1.0.2
Sepam Series 40 LE V1.0.2
Sepam Series 80 LE  V1.0.2 
TeSysT V1.1.0
Vigilohm - Coming Soon  

LE = Light Edition. These optional device drivers contain a subset of the full Modbus register list available for each device type. 

    • Only real-time reads from the device will be supported.
    • As part of the optional device download and installation, standard ION Vista diagram displays and predefined software-based data logging will be provided.
    • Software-based alarming will be available through the VIP module of ION Enterprise, and will require manual configuration.
    • No onboard device data logs, onboard alarm logs, onboard waveform captures (if available on the device), or device control (i.e. resets) are supported by optional devices.

There is also an Optional Device Driver Compatible Energy and Demand Report available for download.