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EGX300 Firmware & Disk Image Update







Version 4.380 firmware provides:

  Added support for remote devices with Device IDs equal to 255

Added additional EM6400 Series meters Real Time Energy Readings

Added support for the PM5500 Series meters Input Metering Values

Addresses the issue where Acti9 Smartlink Devices did not have Dashboard data available in version 4.360 and 4.370

Addresses Failed SMTP server Authentication issue where the EGX300 could not authenticate with some SMTP servers

Addresses issue where the file name of log files when appending the MAC was being truncated.


Device Support:

Added the following device support

o  EM1350


Additional Product/Support Improvements


*Upgrading to version 4.380 requires new firmware to be downloaded to the EGX followed by the egx04380.upd Disk Image.