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EGX300 Firmware



EGX300 Firmware & Disk Image Update


Version 4.350 firmware provides: 

Device Log Export:

           Added checkbox to allow user append the EGX300 MAC Address to the log file name to ensure the file name is unique.


Device Support:

           Added the following devices

     o    PM5100/PM5300 Series Meters

     o    EM4800

     o    PM5560

     o    Conext TL

           Added support for Inputs for the following devices

     o    iEM3155

     o    iEM3255

     o    PM3255

           Fixed scaling issue for Acti9 Smartlink logging

           Fixed issue with MCM Real Power not being displayed

           Fixed issue with PM3150/3155/3250/3255 not displaying Power in Real Time Trend


*Upgrading to version 4.350 requires new firmware to be downloaded to the EGX followed by the egx04360.upd Disk Image. 

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