EPO Energy Profiler Online

EPO Energy Profiler Online

EPO is the industry's leading load data visualization and analysis application. The service takes the volumes of customer usage data utilities collect every day and turns it into actionable information that is readily accessible to both customers and internal users. 

Energy Profiler Online (EPO) makes it easy for utilities to leverage the power of the Internet to deliver value-added services to their commercial and industrial customers. Energy customers across North America use the service every day to monitor usage, evaluate the effectiveness of energy-saving programs, establish benchmarks for usage performance, gain a better understanding of how their entire organization uses energy, and more.


EPO enables energy customers to take control of their costs by providing the information they need to understand how their organization uses energy. Armed with that understanding, they can then take steps to reduce costs through implementing conservation measures, investing in more efficient equipment, or participating in new pricing or load curtailment programs.

For the utility, EPO provides an intuitive, easy-to-maintain tool for better understanding customer usage patterns and meeting customers' growing need for information. It also provides a convenient platform from which to administer real-time pricing (RTP) or load curtailment programs.