SEPAM Series 40

SEPAM Series 40

Based on the robust design of the Series 80, the Sepam Series 40 digital protective relay is designed for mid-range loads and sources.


With a standardized footprint, less than 4” deep, Series 40 is easily integrated into virtually any type of electrical equipment; substations (mains/feeders), transformer, motor and generator applications.

Directional over current protection for dual mains and ties and closed loop feeders improve coordination with adjacent protection, while current and voltage inputs provide power, energy, power factor, plus demand metering display and enhanced machine protection.

Sepam Series 40 software features Boolean logic equation assistance, which allows users to quickly and easily customize both control and protection settings. And, 16 seconds of fault recording configurable for multiple captures, detailed history of last five trip reports, and retention of the last 200 time-tagged alarms, provides personnel with detailed trip diagnostic information for enhanced fault analysis.